Handcrafted Classics


Caffè Latte
The perfect balance of rich espresso, creamy steamed milk and velvety foam.

The classic Italian: espresso, velvety milk and lots of frothy microfoam.

Flat White
Fresh drawn espresso combined with perfectly steamed microfoam; classic Café au Lait.

Double shot of espresso and hot water



Espresso Velutato
Velvety smooth espresso balanced with a delicate caramel finish

Espresso Forte
Bold and full bodied with a dark cocoa taste

Con Panna
Espresso topped with a generous dollop of real whipped cream

Espresso topped with a dollop of foam


Caramel Corretto®
A tempting blend of espresso, steamed milk and microfoam, caramel and vanilla syrup, topped with caramel drizzle.

Vanilla Bean Latte
Creamy and smooth, with the aromatic taste of pure Madagascar vanilla.

Hazelnut Latte
Aromatic taste of hazelnut combined with rich espresso.

Deep rich flavours of chocolate and espresso.

White Mocca®
Velvety white chocolate blended with espresso.

Tea Lattes

Green Tea Latte
Light, fresh and aromatic steamed Chinese sencha green tea sweetened with honey and blended with microfoam. Creamy smooth and easy drinking.

Chai Latte
Boldly aromatic with high cinnamon and cardamom notes combined with a high grown Indonesian black tea from the Bandung region.

London Fog
The perfect marriage of black tea, oil of bergamot, mandarin flavour and vanilla. Soothing and comforting, lightly floral and warm.

Second Cup Specialties

Flavoured Milk Steamers
Velvety steamed milk with your choice of flavour

Hot Spiced Apple Cider
Hot spiced apple cider served with a cinnamon stick

Apple Wildberry Tea
Hot spiced apple cider wildberry tea


Signature Hot Chocolate

Smooth and decadent flavour; full of natural plant nutrients and antioxidants .

Vanilla Bean

Artisan Pyramid Tea Sachets

Chamomile Tisane

A delicate blend of soothing, natural chamomile flowers, orange peel and rose petals for a clean, bright brew. No caffeine.

Earl Grey
Perfect classic blend. Rich black tea leaves with a twist of natural bergamot flavouring and a sprinkling of rose petals and cornflowers produce a smoky flavor with a hint of citrus

English Breakfast
Robust , ‘all day’ blend of premium black tea leaves from Assam, Darjeeling and Kenya produce a brew that has a perfectly balanced flavor and colour.

Tropical Green
Delicate green tea leaves infused with of orange peel and tropical essence

Jasmine Green Tea
A blend of Chunmee and young Hyson green tea leaves from the hills of Hunan and Jiangsu provinces of China infused with aromatic jasmine blossoms for an intoxicating aroma, bright flavor and colour.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea
A blend of Chinese green tea leaves from the hills of Hunan and Jiangsu provinces infused with natural spearmint leaves produces a refreshingly, soothing bright cup of aromatic tea

Wildberry Tisane
A celebration of Canada with a medley of fruits and berries to create a unique and tasty brew. This blend works equally well as an iced tea. No caffeine.

All of our teas are ethically traded.

Luxury Loose Leaf Tea Collection

Raspberry Truffle

A rich and creamy chocolate oolong with sweet berry notes

Strawberry Garden

Delicate floral notes and delicious berry flavour

Tropical Coconut

A sweet taste of the tropics, pineapple and coconut with a crisp white tea base

Ginger Cardamom

Strong floral aromatic cardamom balances warming ginger with a lingering sweet finish courtesy of liquorice root and orange peel

Indian Chai

A muddle of pungent ginger, floral cardamom and sweet cinnamon

Luxury Loose Leaf Teas are available at select Second Cup cafes.

Orange Cream Zesty

Blood orange is softened with cool vanilla and sweetened with rosehips and liquorice root

Chocolate Strawberry

Full bodied dark chocolate bite folded with ripe summer strawberries for a decadent treat

Luxury Flowering Tea

Second Cup Luxury Flowering Tea is a combination of premium, hand-picked Green or White Tea Leaves skillfully hand sewn around dried flowers into ‘bulbs’ by artisans in China. These Flowering Tea ‘bulbs’ have been designed to slowly unfurl into a beautiful and exquisite flower when brewed. Enjoy the delicate taste of fine tea and the theater of the emerging flower into a charming and beautiful centerpiece.